Firsthand Results

Since 1995, Harness & Associates has offered a broad range of government affairs and lobbying services with experience and expertise in a wide range of issues. We are skilled in the procurement of services and materials by government agencies and have enjoyed noteworthy success in identifying and obtaining funding for public and private projects. 


  • Secured one-time emergency appropriation for St. Louis public transportation system, Bi-State Development Agency (Metro);

  • Participated with Advance St. Louis on Proposition A initiative in St. Louis County to secure a ½ cent sales tax for Bi-State Development Compact Agency to fund operations and expansion of public transit system (Metro);

  • Amended state statute to authorize the Bi-State Development Agency to issue notes, bonds or other instruments in writing for a term of 40 years, from 30 year term for public transit (Metro);

  • Passed legislation to authorize the establishment of a peer review process for architects, professional engineers, professional landscape architects and professional land surveyors;

  • Revised the practice act for architects, engineers, land surveyors and landscape architect in an attempt to streamline the statute while maintaining consistency between disciplines licensed under Chapter 327 RSMo.  

  • Created statutory authority to permit rule-making authority governing medication services by a pharmacist at or within a hospital. A drug distributor license is not required to transfer medication from a Class B hospital pharmacy to a hospital clinic for patient care;

  • Secured reimbursement to hospitals under the MO Health Net program for donor human milk provided to critically ill infants; 

  • Modified alcohol beverage trade practice act to reduce the regulatory restrictions on sales, marketing and promotional practices associated with merchandise other than intoxicating beverages by distillers, wholesalers, winemakers and brewers;

  • Gained capital improvements funding for a new basketball arena at the University of Missouri – Columbia;

  • Secured major tort reform measures – design professionals related to statute of limitations; tobacco industry related to appeal bonds; and mass public transportation for sovereign immunity caps; 

  • Revised the Missouri Blue Law to allow Sunday motorcycle sales;

  • Secured approval for numerous Certificate of Need projects before the Health Facilities Review Committee;

  • Secured public private renewable energy project in Jefferson City, Missouri among private corporations, City of Columbia, and State of Missouri – Project received U.S. Department of Energy LMOP 2009 Project of the Year;

  • Secured funding for the Uniform Law Commission;

  • Protected pharmacy benefits and services from the prepaid health plan model, including unrestricted access to psychotropic medications;

  • Established a Medicaid polypharmacy program for high-risk enrollees with multiple prescriptions;

  • Codified into state law the collection of sales tax the purchase of amusement machines and devices;

  • Expanded Sunday sales hours to follow Monday through Saturday hours;

  • Authorized “alcohol to go” from on-premise accounts with specific guidelines;


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